Javascript Fade

The major difference between JavaScript and other programming languages known to man is the fact that, it does not need to be compiled just for it to be executed. This is the case with other languages including Java and C++.

Why Learn JS?

JavaScript or JS are dynamically typed while Java and C++ are static. In the latter languages, programmers must declare what type of variable it is together with the variable used like for instance “int x”. In JS on the other hand, coders simply have to say var x regardless if it’s a string, number or anything. This is quite common across scripting languages. Basically, it’s faster to make small scripts.

Making applications for businesses without type-checking could be messy.

Giving Life to a Boring Page

Traditionally, JavaScript is used for writing website scripts like adding dynamic functions to what appears to be a static site. The client receives the full copy of script as well as browser it executes. Yes, browsers have JS interpreter. However, browsers do not have the ability to execute a C++ or Java program.

Compiled programs are natively executed by the operating system but in Java’s case, it’s not compiled to native machine codes. Rather, it is compiled to the Java byte code which is then run by JVM or Java Virtual Machine.