CSS Border Radius Property

When it comes to web design, one of the important and overlook element is spacing. Spacing is all about giving each piece of content a space of its own. We are using padding and margin in keeping content separated from the rest of the elements similar to videos, embeds, texts and images.

It’s Hard to Notice

No matter how good spacing is, it’s hard to notice. However, try to remove spacing and it will create a slight change that will be quick to notice by any visitor.

This is due to the reason that even though spacing is removed in the design aspect, the content would still be readable.

The only difference is that, it will look unprofessional and unorganized at the same time.

How Spacing is Created?

We have mentioned about padding and margin to separate elements in a website. But what basically are these two? When talking about CSS, these two are properties that can make spacing possible.

Padding is the representation of the inner space of a given element while margin is the external.

It isn’t always useful or necessary to set global margin. Whenever web designers are using columns, a common practice they follow is using right margin in separating columns from each other.