Slideshow Fade Javascript

Slideshow is actually an image gallery. This is used in displaying several images on a single page by alternating images between them in a way that it would put emphasis on each one at a time. With slideshow gallery, it lets website owners to showcase their products and/or services by putting them on a spotlight.

Now that you’ve known the reasons why slideshow is important, let us dig in on how you can make the most of one.

Tip: Make it Attention-Grabbing

Always go after a professional look. This is effective in drawing viewers and keeping them at the same time. Start with clean and crisp theme along with contrasting font colors and background.

Oftentimes, light-colored background partnered with dark font is ideal since it is easier on the eyes.

Tip: Be Conscious about SEO

Be careful in choosing the keywords you’ll be using. At the same time, evenly distribute them throughout your slideshow. Using the Google Keyword Planner Tool can give ideas of how much the competition is for a particular keyword.

Tip: Insert Links

First and last pages would serve as the logical places to put links. But this does not indicate you should overlook placing links on other areas where it is relevant.