Trailing Slashes

Being a newbie, it is expected to make mistakes. Likewise with aspiring programmers, they’ll be making mistakes every now and then. It’s thrilling and exciting to become a programmer but when you face the real world, there will be no shortage of challenges and problems. And you’ll be making mistakes for sure.

Being able to know the common mistakes that most programmers commit at the start of their career can give you edge than the rest.

What’s more, it acts as guide to be more cautious when coding. Let us take a quick look and understand these mistakes that are frequently made.

Failing to Understand the User

The main element of software development isn’t coding. It may be a shocker but that is the reality. With the software you’re developing, it is integral to take into account user’s requirements. Then, you have to work on features that will address these concerns.


This is an overwhelming task as some bugs need time to be fixed. Worst, it could get you hooked for as long as weeks just to have it fixed. This can be frustrating especially among beginners. The bug could make you lose on your development time.

A strategy that experienced programmers used in fixing bugs are by reproducing the bugs again in order to learn where and how it all began.