CSS Importance

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. This is the coding language that makes a website alive by setting its layout and look. Together with HTML, CSS serves a fundamental function to web design. Without its presence, websites will look plain literally. It is going to be texts on a white background.

Limitations in Actions

Prior to the development of CSS back in 1996 by W3C or World Wide Web Consortium, all websites were limited both in function and form.

The early browsers are presenting websites as hypertext or plain text, links and images to other hypertext pages.

What CSS Changed?

Simply speaking, there’s no layout and paragraphs are running across a website in single column. After the introduction of CSS and the clever use for this language, it has opened up new doors for innovations that have been a big help among websites especially in its layout. For instance, it gives web developers the ability to:

  • Specifying fonts on top of default fonts for browsers
  • Setting size and colors of links and texts
  • Applying colors to the backgrounds
  • Contain website elements in boxes and float such boxes to a specific position on the site

Simply, they were able to put style in the style sheets and give design to webpage.

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