In the world of technology and computing, a “Path” can serve many things. For one, it might be referred as the pathname, current path or even path of the complete location or name in which a computer, device, file or even web page is saved. Following are other examples of different kinds of how paths are used in computers.

Number 1. MS-DOS Path

Whenever you are working with Windows, Windows command line path or MS-DOS, the directories, the drives as well as the files are separated by a backlash.

The backlash serve as the hierarchy in which the file or document or whatever it is you are trying to find is located.

So let me give you an example. After opening Command Prompt and let’s say you are trying to open a folder named “Pictures”, here is how it would look like:


Number 2. Network path

Simply speaking, a network path is basically a path to a share.

Number 3. Internet path

As for internet path, it is simply the URL or Uniform Resource Locator of a website. This is what you type on the browser to reach a page that you want to check out. Example of internet paths is,, a lot more.