HTML Image

Adding images either to your social networking profile or website is a nice way of sprucing it up. The HTML code used in adding images is pretty easy and oftentimes, one of the basic lessons a newbie will learn for HTML coding.

Uploading Image to Your Website

When uploading an image, you will almost always start with an img tag which looks like this <img src= “”>. In your HTML body, find where you like to insert the tag in. Everything that you wanted to display image on will go inside this tag.

Now, what you have to do next is to open the HTML document for webpage where the image has to be displayed. Then, locate the image’s URL which in this case, you have to visit the site where the image is being hosted. Right click on it and choose “Copy Image Location” from the menu.

Alternatively, you can view the image in order to see it alone on the page. Then just copy its URL in the address bar.

Put the URL in source (src) attribute. With the img tag and image source, the entire thing will look like this: <img src=””>.

The Verdict

Save the changes and save the HTML file to your site. Visit the page you’re editing or simply refresh it if it’s open. If everything turns out right, then you must see the image you’ve added.