Stretch A Background With CSS

Web design comes a long way from the first time it was ever introduced. This is true especially when it comes to styling. Try to do a quick comparison of how websites look a decade ago from how they look now. The differences are massive and among the noticeable changes that you’ll be quick to notice would be the background.

Purpose of a Website Background

These days, backgrounds serve as among the core features of a website determining how visually interesting it looks.

It is the background that holds the overall theme of the website. There are huge probabilities when it comes to website background design. In this article, we are going to focus more on the popular trends in backgrounds and the best practices to follow in current phase of web design.

Body background is considered as the most distant background in a website. More often than not, this is an illustration, image, pattern/texture or any other graphical element.

Best Places to put a Background

Then, there is the Content Background or, the level of structure of the background. Basically, this is background of images, text and all other base information or data. There are tons of places in which you can implement background design for your website and two of these places would are behind the top of wrapper and the header.

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