According to science, the pull of a black hole is so strong that even light can’t escape from it. Likewise technology, it has an immense pull in a way that its growth is so exponential, the human brains would not be able to keep up with it sooner or later.

What Now?

Assuming that we do not destroy humanity and all progress we made with it, mankind wouldn’t just be able to keep up with all these progresses as mentioned. Eventually, we’re going to reach the point where we no longer comprehend what’s happening in technology.

When this day comes, it’s will be called as “technological singularity”.

From that day forward, it is going to be impossible for humans to truly grasp what’s happening in technology and that growth is more likely to happen. Then there is the question that technology is made by humans. That is true but, the things that we are making are becoming smarter than us.

It’s Progress yet, it’s Scary

Humans are developing technology that is capable of learning and upgrading itself. This is in form of AI. For instance, a program is created to make other programs and then, find out how to upgrade itself and that. Soon enough, it will come to a stage that the creator would not even know what’s happening. In essence, technology takes on a life of its own.