Article PHP If Modified

PHP is a form of scripting language that is designed to create websites. One practical usage of PHP language is retrieval of data from SQL databases. Aside from that, the language is being used to for the creation of graphics and charts. Designers can also create image links or even power a thumbnail image gallery through PHP.

Common Usage of PHP

It does carry common website duties too similar to authenticating users, accepting passwords as well as managing forum posts and other guest books.

Believe it or not, Facebook integration is one common usage of PHP.

Through PHP, you can create a website that enables users to generate content including those users who do not even know HTML basics.


On the other hand, a huge difference between traditional forms of HTML and PHP is the fact that the latter is more dynamic than the former. Still, these languages are integrated easily together. HTML code might be generated as well by HTML.

Some website designers also prefer PHP than ASP due to the reason that it is open source and is not licensed by any major corporation. It’s extensible and also, coders are being encouraged to use it for the development of new products.