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There are different search engines today and each uses their own formula. This is the exact reason why there would be no same result across search engines. These formulas are otherwise known as algorithms and major search engines like, Bing, Yahoo and Google are constantly updating it to attain improved results.

Where Your Site Fits in?

Thus, being able to understand how their algorithm works is the initial step to know how search engines are ranking websites in the internet.

Search Engine Optimization. This is the process called to improve a website.

Since search engines are evolving, it is vital to keep yourself updated with the recent changes.

This is the only way that you can modify your page and apply new SEO strategies.

What to Do to Reach the Top?

Of course, there are factors that search engines are using to catapult a site to top ranks. Well optimized websites should have the right volume and mix of keywords as well as informative content in which the keywords flow naturally.

Furthermore, the website needs to have plenty of natural backlinks from other pages. Search engines are using this data in determining which pages will get ranked at the top. Striking a balance with these things can really help your site to reach top 1 of search engine results.