CSS Max Width Property

The initial thing that most web designers are taking into account when they are building a website is the resolution it’ll be designed for. What this actually means is, deciding how wide the design has to be. There’s no such thing as standard website width in this contemporary time.

Setting the Width of Website

Actual numerical width isn’t just the thing that must be considered when you are designing the width of a website. Additionally, you must decide if you are going to have fixed or liquid width. Simply speaking, would you set the width to specific figure or to a percentage which represents fixed and liquid respectively.

Fixed or Liquid?

Fixed width pages are basically what the name implies. It’s a fixed width at specific number you have assigned it to and it does not change regardless of the size of the browser.

This is ideal if you want the design to look the same regardless of how narrow or wide the browsers of your readers are.

When it comes to liquid width pages, this is at times referred to as flexible width pages. It is varying in width as per the width of the browser window. With this, it lets you design pages that is focused more on the customers.