Nested Lists Bugs

Much like other elements of a website, animation has to full its purpose. As we go through this article, we will be talking about where you could use animation to its best. Whether you like it or not, animations are everywhere. Back then, animations were more prominent but today, it diminished for it creates an impression of being unprofessional.

Given that, how would you utilize animation in a way that will still maintain professionalism and positive image to your site? Read on…

Highlight Action with Microinteraction

When it comes to microinteraction, we basically refer to basic animations that have single-use cases. Preferably, you want these animations to be as subtle as they can be. It does not have to steal the show from elements that they’re highlighting in the first place.

Revealing Hidden Menus with Animation

For some time, hidden menus stir up controversy in web design.

There are a lot of people who think that hidden menus should be gone since they are the primary way that users are navigating through website.

This is both true and false. True in a sense that it hampers the navigation of a website but it is false if they are easy to access.