CSS Max Width Property 110

With regards to the user interaction or UI and design of a website, the browser size accommodation as well as adaptation can’t be disregarded. Despite the fact that web development/ design realm has been focused become smaller, something that’s being forgotten now is the screen size being the complete opposite. Let’s face it, majority of the big smartphone manufacturers are producing phones with bigger screen size.

Challenges that should be Addressed

This is the reason why having a responsive web design for bigger screen becomes a challenge.

Among these challenges is setting the max width.

If you are not aware of this concept, it’s basically the maximum width that the site content spans, then usually image, whitespace or background color would take up the rest of browser window. Oftentimes, when pulling up a website in which all content is contained in a small box in middle of the screen that’s surrounded by whitespace, it feels to be dated which drives visitors to seek information on other area.

Adding Max-Width

By having max width, this can make it simpler to manage the layout of the content and that said content can be absorbed quickly by your target market.