JavaScript Conditioning

From the time when computers were first invented in 1950, it has changed the way we live. From booking plane tickets, calculating routes from a GPS, chatting and seeing with friends and hosts of other things. All of these things are now possible using a computer.

On the other hand, computer needs human intervention for it to work. This intervention is where developers and programmers step in. They are writing programs for computers which are simply set of instructions.

What is a Program?

Computer program can be software or application and it’s comprised of text files, that contain instructions in form of codes. This is the reason why programmers are called as coders as well. In this regard, a programming language paves way for coders to give orders to the computer.

It’s similar to a human language only in this case, it is machine language.

There are now several machine languages or used by coders to instruct machines from PHP, C#, C##, Ruby, Phyton and the likes.

Each language follows rules to define how programs should be written in that particular language.

The Job of a Programmer

Main goal of a programmer is to write programs that are reliable and can perform as how it is expected to. Beginners can learn to write simple programs quick. However like a game, things get more complex as they level up. This is something that requires tons of practice and years of experience to have control of this complexity.