Custom Style Sheets

Style sheets are representing huge breakthroughs for website designers and expanding their ability to further improve the appearance of their site. People from all walks of life are seeing the beauty of websites. However, the limitations set by HTML became the primary source of continuous frustration. Thus, it is forcing authors to sidestep the stylistic limitations of HTML.

It Comes with Challenges

While the intentions are good in improving website presentation, the techniques in doing such had adverse effects. These techniques only work for some. With the integration of these techniques, it is increasing the complexity of a website, offering limited flexibility and suffering from interoperability issues. This in the end opens more challenges for people who have disabilities.

But like any obstacles in life, industry leaders were able to overcome this and create a solution to once and for all put this in the past.

CSS to the Rescue

This solution comes in form of style sheets.

This solves such problems and supersedes limited abilities of HTML when it comes to its presentation mechanisms.

Style sheets have made it a lot easier to specific how much white space there are between text lines, amount of indented lines, the colors that are used for both backgrounds and texts, the style and size of the font and tons of other things.