Firefox 9 Released

If you would analyze what the web or internet is actually about, it is actually more of a publishing medium that has the same characteristics with the conventional publishing media. Web browsers almost have the same function as print publishers. They’re conforming to standards to ensure that every web design in the world will have the same look the way how the creators are expecting it to.

And along with the development of the web are the web browsers. Today, web browsers are far from its original purpose.

The Foundation of every Webpage

Web standards have helped in forming the foundation of web publishing.

The standards are the technical specifications dictating the methods required for designing and building a website.

Websites that do adhere to these standards should be using the following:

  • HTML
  • Valid character encoding
  • Character and metadata embedding and;
  • Valid server settings

It’s a Teamwork

If the page does not stick to these predefined requirements, then there’s no guarantee that it’ll be displayed the way it is designed in browsers. On one hand, if the web browser developers were the one who fail to follow these standards, then they might deal with incompatibility issues. Thus, web browser and site developers have to follow the same rules in achieving uniformity.