Audi Technology: A “techy” Drivers That Help Them Avoid The Red Light

It sounds a bit like a typical hacker movie that has become a reality, or a scene from Eagle Eye, but Audi has developed and deployed technology that helps drivers avoid red lights.

This is a so-called Traffic Light Information (TLI) system. In essence, this synchronizes the relevant vehicle with specific cities and associated with pendant lights brisbane (especially at intersections). Then to calculate the correct speed that best matches the traffic signal. A bit like the idea of ​​a green wave.Traffic Lights, Red Light, Red, Light, Traffic Signal

If a traffic light ahead is about to turn red, the car will suggest an adjusted speed to prevent you from having to stop at the upcoming red light.

Furthermore, the synchronization of GLOSA (the Green Light Optimized Speed ​​Advisory) with Audi vehicles provides the best speed to improve traffic flow and thus reduce congestion in large cities.
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The technology has been under development since 2016, but recent reports show that implementation is increasing rapidly. There are now 13 cities in America where TLI has been adopted in their infrastructure. The question is when can we expect it in Europe? Pilot projects have already been in Berlin, Ingolstadt, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Verona in 2016, but Audi is still confronted with the fact that there are no data standards for digital infrastructure management.

The Cities Where it Already Works in America:

  • Dallas (Flower Mound & Frisco)
  • Denver (Lakewood)
  • Gainesville
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando (Seminole County)
  • Phoenix (Phoenix, Mesa)
  • Portland (Portland, ODOT)

The TLI system will be supplied in all Audi models except the standard A3 version and all TTs. It is expected that in addition to the above cities, more and more cities and intersections will embrace the technology. For the time being, Audi is the only car manufacturer that has this on board. But of course more manufacturers will follow in the near future.